The Google Pay website is shutting down, and the app also charges a fee if you pay by debit card

Google Pay is a big name among digital payment platforms. Tech giant Google’s payment platform has captured 40 per cent of India’s UPI market. Google Pay is growing in popularity with its cashback, coupons and fun games. But Google Pay authorities are not as enthusiastic about their app as they are about the website. Previously, in addition to the app, payments could be made directly from Google’s site. But recently it has been reported that this website will be shut down from January 2021. In addition, a new version of the Google Pay app is coming.

Google Pay website is shutting down

Now when you open Google’s site, you see a message about this. “From the beginning of 2021, you will not be able to send or receive money using,” he said. Use the new Google Pay app for money transactions. ‘ Not only that, the original Google Pay app will be closed from January. But there is no reason to worry. A new version of the Google Pay app is about to launch. This app has already been launched in America. Hopefully, this app will be available for users in India soon.

Features of the new Google Pay app

The new Google Pay app is much more secure than before. This app will have a separate option for making payments to your family members and friends. You can also easily find local merchants who accept payments through Google Pay. Food can also be ordered directly from the Google Pay app.

Not only that, through the new app, Google will suggest coupon codes when buying things in any brand like Burger King, Etsy, Sweetgreen, Target, Warby Parker etc. If you associate a card or bank account with the new Google Pay, you’ll occasionally see your expense account here. Moreover, from time to time Google will give different financial advice based on your cost. As a result, financial savings will become easier.

The security features of the new Google Pay app are even better than before. The app will alert you when you go to make a payment to a stranger through this app. Moreover, this app will also have the opportunity to personalize your experience according to your transaction history.

But there is a downside to the new Google Pay app. From now on you will have to calculate the charge for instant money transfer. Google has written on their support page that from now on, if you pay by debit card, you will be charged an additional 1.5%. But there is a way to save this charge. In that case you have to send money from the linked bank account. Sending money in this way can take up to 1-3 days to transfer.