The government is bringing CO-WIN app to register for corona vaccine


Towards the end of this year! But Corona Atimari has not left us yet. The world is constantly fighting this deadly virus. However, the coronavirus vaccine is expected to be launched in a few days. In this situation, the Government of India has again launched a new digital platform, called ‘CO-WIN’. It is claimed that it will easily provide the vaccine to the countrymen. According to reports, a new mobile application by this name will be launched very soon where the general public will be able to register for the vaccine.

It is learned that the CO-WIN platform will be used mainly for data recording of vaccines and it will also create a separate database of healthcare workers. For now, all the data needed to deliver the vaccine is being uploaded to the CO-WIN platform.

The mentioned app will have separate modules for Administrator, Registration, Vaccination, Beneficiary Acknowledgment and Reporting. These modules will handle the entire process of vaccination (from registration to verification). Once users begin registering for the app, it will upload data based on information provided by local authorities. As I said before, the app has not been launched, so at the moment it is not available for smartphone users, but it is claimed that it will be released soon.

According to a PTI report on the new platform, the vaccine module will verify applicants’ details, update immunization status, send beneficiary acknowledgment SMS and create a QR-based certificate after a vaccination is completed. So in the coming days, the corona vaccination process will be complicated or hassle-free – that’s to be expected!