The Print provides Deep Sidhu a platform to protect his Khalistan support

Times just after journalist Barkha Dutt spectacularly failed in whitewashing the guidance of Deep Sidhu assist for Khalistan and terrorist Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, the founder of The Print, Shekhar Gupta picked up the mantle for salvaging the Punjabi actor’s discredited popularity.

Despite Sidhu’s persistent denial to condemn Bhindranwale as a terrorist throughout his job interview with Barkha, The Print offered a system to the Punjabi actor, glorifying him for his assist for the ongoing ‘farmers’ protests and giving him with a fresh new opportunity to redeem himself soon after his contentious stand on Khalistan.

The post titled “I am from a farmer’ spouse and children, not applying these protests for stardom, actor Deep Sidhu says” published on The Print tried to paint Deep Sidhu as an genuine and sincere specific, a person who is concerned in the ongoing farmer protest, not for the sake of hogging the limelight and catapulting his usually underwhelming movie occupation.

In the short article, the Punjabi actor glibly claimed that he had a “deep sense of affiliation with the land and people” which pushed him to sign up for the farmers’ protest. To protect his declare, Sidhu cites that when he wanted to turn out to be an actor, he did not travel to Mumbai but arrived to Punjab and develop his personal creation residence.

Supply: The Print

Sidhu arrived out of obscurity soon after a video of him expressing that the farmers’ protests will be the defining second of the geopolitics of not just India but also complete South Asia had absent viral on the world-wide-web. Nevertheless, the video invited a great deal of flak on social media sites, with netizens pointing out that the protests are hacked by notice-seekers masquerading as farmers.

But, Sidhu cunningly deflected the allegations levelled in opposition to him and linked them to the modern-day stereotypes that exist in the society.

“See how ignorant fashionable modern society is. Variety exists in our country and modern day culture really should comprehend they never have the sole appropriate in excess of higher schooling and that only elites can go to college or university and college. A particular person from a farmers’ track record can also go to people universities. Let us not make ourselves prisoners of stereotypes,” The Print quoted Sidhu as saying.

Sidhu claims Khalistan sentiments should not be elevated throughout farmers’ protests fails to condemn Khalistan

The actor feigned victimhood when confronted on his controversial stand on Khalistani terrorism. Speaking to The Print, Sidhu dishonestly claimed that he was “forced” to talk on the issue to apparent misconceptions. Taking a cue from his preceding job interview which ended up becoming disastrous for equally him and Barkha Dutt, Sidhu asserted that the protests experienced no place for Khalistani sentiments.

On the other hand, it is pertinent to observe that even in his interview with The Print, Sidhu did not plainly deny his aid for Khalistan. Nor did he condemn Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale as a terrorist who experienced occupied the Golden Temple with arms and ammunition. Alternatively, the Punjabi actor resorted to using ambiguous language to justify the references to Khalistan throughout the farmers’ protests by alleging that in Punjab there’s always a “parallel emotion” that gets designed up for the duration of a protest.

“The ground fact is that in Punjab, each time there is a protest a parallel emotion receives developed up as nicely. This is also thanks to the affiliation with land. If you are not element of that society it is tough to have an understanding of. But, yes, it must not have been brought up in this farmers protest. At this protest we are only chatting about a sturdy federal framework that also influences West Bengal, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu and other states as properly,” Sidhu advised in an interview to The Print.

What Sidhu alluded with his specious argument in the job interview was that the sentiments in help of Khalistan ended up absolutely respectable, only that their manifestation all through the farmers’ protest was improper. Earlier in his job interview with Barkha, Sidhu experienced been unapologetic and unabashed about his aid for Khalistan, which was apparent in his stout denial to denounce Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale as a terrorist. This time close to, Sidhu looks to be additional circumspect was tacit in expressing his support for Khalistan in his interview with The Print.

Barkha Dutt experienced provided Deep Sidhu with a platform to ‘distance himself’ from OpIndia report that he supports Khalistan

As the ‘farmer’ protests proceed to rage together the Punjab-Haryana border, controversial journalist and YouTuber Barkha Dutt had furnished her system to a recognised Khalistan sympathiser, actor Deep Sidhu, an allegedly aggrieved farmer who was viewed in a viral video threatening the authorities that the ‘farmers’ protests will be the defining minute of the geopolitics of not just India but also full South Asia.

In the interview broadcasted on Barkha Dutt’s YouTube channel ‘Mojo Story’, Sidhu made startling responses that left the host crimson-confronted. Referring to OpIndia, Barkha Dutt confronted Sidhu on reports that claimed that the actor was a Khalistan supporter. Nevertheless, the controversial journalist was dissatisfied when Sidhu, in its place of plainly condemning Khalistani terrorist Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, went on to hail him as the groundbreaking who fought for a solid federal construction.

Even right after Barkha expressed her staunch disapproval on Sidhu hailing Bhindranwale as a fighter, Sidhu did not budge from his stand, reiterating that a narrative was weaved by the then condition govt to portray Bhindranwale as a terrorist.

In truth, Barkha was so unhappy by Sidhu’s refusal to modify his stance that she claimed disbelief on investing 2 minutes speaking about no matter if Bhindranwale was a terrorist or not. Even with Barkha’s palpable irritation and her ongoing insistence, Sidhu persistently denied calling Bhindranwale a terrorist, and patronisingly told Barkha that she is unaware of the culture in Punjab and has fashioned her view from a studio in Delhi.