The Reliance JioPages browser adds short videos and a new secure search engine

In October this year, Reliance Jio launched their own mobile browser JioPages app. It is a fully Indian browser with multiple eye-catching features. It is also much improved in terms of security. Although not all features of this browser have been made available to everyone since its launch. However, some more new features have recently been made available in the Geopages app. Let’s take a look at the new JioPages app.

New feature of JioPages browser

In the JioPages app, the user can choose the search engine of his choice. But the Duck Duck Go search engine was not available before. This search engine has recently been integrated into the Geopages app. For those who are wondering why I should use this weird search engine to have Google, let me tell you that Duck Duck Go search engine is much more secure than Google. This search engine does not save user information. Moreover, this search engine does not use cookies without the need. As a result, if you are concerned about the protection of personal information, you can use this search engine as the default search engine of JioPages app. To do this, go to the hamburger icon at the bottom right of the JioPages app. Then go to settings from there. Here you will find an option called ‘Quick settings’. Then at the very end you will find the ‘Select search engine’ option to choose a search engine. From here you can choose the search engine of your choice.

The second feature that is being added to the JioPages app is the ‘short video’ feature which is a bit like a tick. For this you have to go to the ‘Explore’ section at the bottom of the app. From there the short video relay has to go. Then all the videos can be seen by going to the ‘View More’ option. Here users will see 30 seconds of video. There will be videos on various topics like entertainment, technology, lifestyle, travel etc.

The exit buttons in the JioPages app have also improved. It is possible to get out of this app easily. It will also be more convenient to navigate in the app.