Toxic fuel fears as La Palma lava reaches North Atlantic ocean


fficials in La Palma dread lava flowing from a volcano into the sea could bring about explosions and clouds of toxic gasoline.

Pink very hot lava arrived at the Atlantic Ocean late on Tuesday night, nine days just after the Cumbre Vieja crater initially erupted on the Spanish island.

Photos shared on social media confirmed the lava piling up in close proximity to a cliff.

The Canary Islands’ emergency assistance urged individuals outdoor to quickly discover a harmless spot to shelter. No accidents have been documented.

Miguel Angel Morcuende, director of the Pevolca reaction committee, stated: “When the lava reaches the sea, the lockdown must be strictly noticed.”

La Palma has been remaining devastated because the lava commenced flowing down the mountain, wrecking buildings and destroying crops.

It commenced pouring down the Cumbre Vieja volcano’s western flank towards the sea on September 19, destroying pretty much 600 homes and banana plantations.

Lava observed as a result of the window of a kitchen from El Paso


Spain categorised La Palma as a disaster zone on Tuesday, a transfer that will cause financial help for the island.

La Palma: Volcano begins erupting all over again as lava pours down mountainside

The govt introduced a initial bundle of 10.5 million euros which involves all over 5 million euros to purchase houses, with the rest to obtain household furniture and vital residence merchandise, authorities spokesperson Isabel Rodriguez mentioned.

One resident who was evacuated very last week from the village of Tacande de Arriba was delighted to discover his property however standing and his pet cats unscathed.

“It’s a great experience, a excellent feeling,” mentioned Gert Waegerle, 75, who fled the advancing lava with his five turtles on Friday but had to leave the cats powering.

“I am super content due to the fact in the stop, all the things turned out wonderful.”

La Palma neighbours Tenerife in the Canary Islands archipelago off the North African coastline.