Uncertainty over return of PUBG Mobile, unanswered request to sit in meeting MeitY

Yesterday we learned that the Indian branch of PUBG Mobile Games is in talks with the government’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) to make it available in India. Thus, this Battle-Royal game is ready for re-launch, waiting only for the official approval of the government. But looking at the recent news, it seems that the return of PUBG Mobile to India will not be an easy one. A report has surfaced at midnight, saying that neither the ministry nor MeitY is meeting with the PUBG right now.

According to InsideSport, the game maker is ready to comply with all regulations set by the Indian government, but the MeitY office has not yet commented on the matter. MeitY did not respond to requests from Pabji India officials to sit down with the ministry. As a result, the insanity among the players over the announcement of Pubji’s return is now being questioned as to how much it will yield the expected results.

The company has been promoting the re-launch of the mobile version of the Pubji game for several days. A teaser for the game was even released, featuring three of the country’s most popular game streamers, Jonathan, Kronten and Dynamo. But there is no hope that the banned game will be available again without official clearance, according to recent reports.

Sources claim that MeitY will make the final decision on whether PUBG Mobile will be allowed to re-launch. However, given the current situation, it seems that the game will not be available before January or February. So, pubz lovers are unlikely to have a ‘chicken dinner’ before the end of this year!

Meanwhile, in response to a question from some enthusiastic pubis lovers, Microsoft Azure said that they have no information about the return of PUBG Mobile at the moment. So Microsoft Azure has asked fans to wait for the official announcement of the PUBJI authorities.

Krafton, the parent company of Pubz, joined hands with Microsoft Azure in November to enforce game-related safety rules and to operate them globally. However, after so many attempts, the practice has started again as to whether Pubji Mobile will return to its previous post, or when it will return.