Update Google Chrome browser now, otherwise you may be a victim of hacking


Until recently, Internet users were told to be wary of various third party apps or fake links. But this time the Google Chrome browser itself is facing security vulnerabilities. CERT-IN, a special team from India’s Ministry of Information Technology, has issued a warning that Google Chrome has recently been exposed to multiple vulnerabilities that allow cybercriminals to easily access sensitive information by targeting a user, pointing a finger at security restrictions on the system.

CERT-IN advises all Google Chrome browser users in India to update their browsers to avoid this type of problem. According to reports, tech giant Google has already rolled out an update for Chrome browser (version 8.0.4260.8). This update, called Chrome 87, is still claimed to be the biggest update for Chrome that will try to fix all the security issues or bugs described in CERT-IN.

What exactly is the problem with Google Chrome?

According to CERT-IN, Google Chrome detects multiple errors such as clipboard errors, media and extensions, data validation, networking errors, etc., which can weaken the security level in the user’s browser. Any misstep can exploit this vulnerability in Chrome to persuade users to visit a particular website and access the victim’s arbitrary code or information. Users can be hacked if Google Chrome is not updated soon.

According to Google, the Chrome 7 update is going to be one of the best updates from the performance company. It is also claimed that this new update will have a big impact on the battery life and internet browsing experience of the device. After this update, Chrome will load web pages 25% faster than before and will optimize inactive tabs. It is also known that Chrome 8 will use less RAM or storage.
Please be informed that this new update is available for all platforms like Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux etc. So it is better to download it as soon as you get the update!