Update news will appear on the display, WhatsApp is bringing in-app notification feature

WhatsApp as a messaging app is almost optional. They are always updating and improving themselves for the benefit of the users. There is also a lot of change in terms of terms and conditions. Until now, WhatsApp authorities have been alerting people to various blog posts and the inclusion of these new features in social media platforms. But from now on they are going to do this work through in-app notification. So now if there is any change in the application, it will be easily notified to the news app user.

According to a report by WABetaInfo 7, from now on, WhatsApp itself will inform the users about any changes, big or small. They will do this mainly through in-app notifications. This means that these notifications will appear on the user’s screen as an in-app banner, not in a chat form. Clicking on the in-app banner will take you to our appropriate website. Moreover, these will help us to take specific action.

At the same time, it is known that WhatsApp is going to make some important changes in its terms and conditions. In this case, the terms of use of the app’s user data will change. Moreover, there will be some changes in the WhatsApp business that will make it easier to store and control Facebook hosted services.

In fact, like human life, apps are constantly changing! And it is true that we have to adapt to every change – in that case why the app or not! As a result, users will have to ‘Agree’ with the new terms and conditions that WhatsApp has changed – otherwise, they will have to give up the illusion of their own WhatsApp account!

Click on the in-app notification sent by WhatsApp in the next few weeks to see the updated terms and conditions. From February, 2021, you must fully agree to these changing terms. Otherwise you will have to delete your WhatsApp account.