Update Your New Chromecast to Deal with Its Silly Reboot Bug

Chromecast with Google TV's USB-C port
Justin Duino

Even though the Chromecast with Google Tv is well-known for its basic, intuitive interface, a complicated boot error that asks you to manually reset the machine is pushing some end users to their wit’s finish. Thankfully, a new Google Television firmware update guarantees to solve the boot mistake. Google says that the update really should hit your machine ahead of the conclusion of the 7 days.

Chromecast with Google Tv operates on the Android working system. When the Android OS doesn’t boot accurately owing to a bug, a ability problem, or corrupt system documents, it loads the Android Recovery Monitor and asks you to reset or format your product. However, this Recovery Display screen is popping up when individuals flip on their Chromecast and in the course of video clip playback.

While the Android Recovery Display screen is aggravating enough on a phone or tablet, it can be a nightmare on the Chromecast with Google Television set, as you have to attain at the rear of your Tv set and press the Chromecast’s button to manually reset the device. The Chromecast remote does not get the job done in Recovery Mode.

Now, Google is pushing a firmware update that clarifies the Android Recovery Screen’s cryptic language and ought to “reduce the event of end users looking at the Android Recovery Screen” on Chromecast with Google Tv set. Along with Recovery Method and bootup advancements, Google claims that the firmware release improves 4K streaming and Dolby Atmos support.

The new firmware update is rolling out now and really should strike your Chromecast in the next couple of times. If a notification for the update doesn’t show up on the major of your Google Tv set homepage, you can consider to drive the update from the Google House application on your smartphone. Open Google House, pick your Chromecast with Google Tv set, and press “reset”—the update need to materialize as the unit reboots.

Resource: Google by way of Android Police