Vi Unlo has many benefits including 1397 taka postpaid plan, unlimited calling and data

A few days ago, Vi (formerly Vodafone Idea) increased the price of their two RedX family postpaid plans. These two plans were priced at Rs 598 and Rs 749. However, now the price of these two plans has increased to Tk 749 and Tk 699. This time the telecom company came up with a new REDX Family postpaid plan of Rs 1,398. This plan offers unlimited calling, data, one year Netflix subscription, Amazon Prime subscription etc. Let’s take a look at the benefits of Vi’s Rs 1,396 REDX Family postpaid plan.

Vi 1,396 Taka REDX Family Postpaid Plan

Like other family postpaid plans, a number of connections can be added here. Although the company has not yet stated the terms of the plan. However, this plan will provide 150 GB of data per month for the primary connection. There will be unlimited calling facility on any network. Also 100 SMS daily. Again, unlimited calling of secondary connection, 30 GB data (50 GB data rollover), 100 SMS will be offered.

Note that the secondary connection is not available for free here. According to the company’s website, an additional Rs 249 has to be paid for each connection. A maximum of four connections can be added to this plan.

Speaking of other benefits of the Rs 1,398 Family Postpaid plan, a free one-year Netflix subscription is available here. The price is Rs 5.96. There is also a one-year Amazon Prime and ZEE5 Premium subscription. The benefits of the company’s own Vi Movies & TV app will also match.