WhatsApp Disappearing Message feature should not be used sometimes


Just a few days ago, the ‘Disappearing messages’ feature was launched on WhatsApp. This new option can be seen by opening the profile of anyone on the chat list, and if enabled or turned on, they will be automatically deleted seven days after the message is exchanged. On the one hand, as the storage will be empty, the user does not have to delete the message separately. But while this feature of WhatsApp is fun, while using it we have to be careful not to lose important messages!

Many people get a lot of messages in WhatsApp group or chat every day, some of which are not important. But in some chats it is better not to use this ‘disappearing message’ feature. For example, WhatsApp group created for the workplace. Many of us try to coordinate with colleagues through WhatsApp groups. In addition to chatting or spending time in these groups, a lot of work is also discussed. In this case, if you do not starred the important messages (Starred) then the ‘Disappearing Messages’ option, they may be out of your reach. So it is better to keep this option off for all these groups than to be embarrassed later.

On the other hand, it is better not to keep this option on even for chats that discuss business groups or money transactions. Because it is wise to keep all these transactional conversations in hand. In this case, leaving the ‘Disappearing Message’ option on and repeatedly taking screenshots of the chat and destroying the storage of the gallery will not be very profitable.

Not only in work group or business discussions, family or relatives should be careful when applying this special feature in chat. Because chatting with acquaintances often results in arguments! In that case, if the messages are deleted, users may feel a little uncomfortable. So we recommend that you use this option only for hassle-free and non-critical chats.

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