WhatsApp has added an add-to-cart shopping button to compete with Flipkart Amazon


WhatsApp, a short messaging platform, has come up with online payment and shopping facilities to make digital business easier and more fun for users. The popular chatting medium has already got permission for UPI based payment system in India. With this feature called WhatsApp Pay, the company owned by Facebook can compete with all other UPI applications in the market in the coming days. However, the way WhatsApp is working to expand the convenience of shopping features these days, experts believe that the country’s e-commerce platforms are going to have an impact on the business.

A few days ago, WhatsApp launched a dedicated shopping button in its business app. This time they have brought another new option called ‘Add to Cart’ to further enhance the shopping experience of the users. This cart option allows users to browse a product catalog, select a product and send an order to someone else in the form of a message.

WhatsApp claims that merchants can easily manage their work and connect with customers through this feature.

How WhatsApp’s shopping button works:

For those of you who don’t know, go to a business chat or profile first to shop through WhatsApp. Then, to access the product catalog, click on the button icon next to the profile name. When the catalog appears, browse to the product details of your choice. In this case, you can use the ‘add to cart’ option to buy more than one product at a time.

In addition, users can chat about the product with the seller or merchant while shopping on WhatsApp. Please be informed that the order can be confirmed only from the message of the seller. User orders will not be considered final unless the seller confirms.