Wired headphones can now read phone notifications, Google Assistant unlocks updates


A fun and important feature of Android smartphones is Google Assistant. This feature allows users to use voice commands without touching the device while they are busy or feeling very lazy. Google has unveiled a new update for this voice assistant service. This update is intended to be compatible with wired or wired headphones.

What’s in Google Assistant? In this new update?

From now on, whenever users connect their wired headphones or earphones to the device via USB-C port or 3.5 mm jack, a pop-up notification for setting up Google Assistant will appear on that Android device. This setting will allow wired headphones to read new notifications or sync voice commands. As a result, users will be able to know multiple notifications like personal results, calendar information, etc. and give voice commands without unlocking the phone. In this case you have to use the mic or call button of the earphone to give voice command. Note that this setting was already available for the Pixel USB-C Bud.

Incidentally, a few days ago, Google rolled out a new feature for its voice assistant, which helps users to record and send audio messages. You do not have to hold down the mic icon to record audio messages using this feature. For this, the users only have to say “Hey Google! Send an audio message ”or“ Hey Google! Send an audio message to (contact name) 6 ”voice command. It can also be used to send audio messages to various third party apps like WhatsApp.

In addition, the tech giant has rolled out a special support feature to control smart home devices through Google Assistant. In this case, users will be able to manage their smart home gadgets with the command ‘Turn the lights of in five minutes’ or ‘Turn on the living room lights in 6’. Therefore, there is no doubt that Google is going to add more spice to the modern or digital life of the users!