Your Following Pair of Sennheiser Earbuds Could Be Personalized-Match to Your Ear Canals

A photo of the Formlabs x Sennheiser bespoke earbuds.

There’s almost nothing much better than a tailor-produced earbud. Sennheiser’s AMBEO division, which specializes in “immersive” audio, is partnering with the Formlabs 3D printing firm to make custom made-fitted earbuds extra obtainable. The concept is simple—scan your ear with a smartphone, deliver the data to AMBEO and Formlabs, and get a pair of eartips specifically developed for your ear canals.

Custom made eartips are tremendous cozy, and they deliver better seem good quality and much more sound isolation than generic eartips. Which is why tailor made-fitted hearing aids, displays, and earplugs are so typical, and why organizations like Formlabs want to revolutionize the bespoke audiowear scene with 3D printing and charge-productive scanning know-how.


A diagram showing how smartphone scanning and 3D printing is better than traditional ear impression methods.
Smartphone scanning and 3D printing replaces the extensive, regular method of customized-fitting eartips. Formlabs

Common fitting solutions for tailor made audiowear are cumbersome and costly. You have to pay a visit to an audiologist, get an impact of your ear canals, and shell out out the nose for a firm to manufacture your eartips. Formlabs’ methodology, on the other hand, helps make bespoke audiowear a whole lot a lot more available to the common person. Companies like Snug are by now applying very similar scanning and printing techniques to acquire very low-price tag bespoke earwear, so it is no ponder that Sennheiser achieved out to function with Formlabs.

Details on the Sennheiser and Formlabs collaboration are slender. We never know when (or if) the organizations will start a 3D-printed eartip system, how considerably these personalized eartips will expense, or which earbuds the eartips would do the job with. Nonetheless, it is an thrilling progress that could make high-conclusion audio additional available, which is a gain for most people.

Supply: Formlabs