YouTube AdSense Requirements: What You Need to Know

Did you know that YouTube currently has over two billion active users? It’s no wonder so many brands are choosing Youtube advertising to boost sales. But there are many YouTube AdSense requirements that must be met by creators. 

Are you considering running Youtube ads for your brand? Are you a creator curious about how YouTube generates its impressive ad revenue numbers?

The following guide will explain what it takes to use Adsense. Read on and learn how to present your brand to one of the largest audiences in the world.

What Is Adsense?

AdSense is an advertisement network and service created by youtube. It offers brands, creators, and influencers the ability to make money from their YouTube content.

Marketers and advertisers use Adsense to buy ad space on YouTube and present their ads on YouTube videos. YouTube embeds advertisements into its videos to produce revenue when users view or click on the content.

Publishers and creators get a percentage of the ad revenue share that businesses pay for. In fact, creators keep a hefty 55% of the revenue from ads on their videos under the Youtube Partner Program.

YouTube creators that receive regular views on their content create a constant revenue stream. Brans typically grow with the more quality content they create.

YouTube Adsense Requirements

It’s important for new creators to know how to monetize YouTube videos. The first step is to set up your YouTube channel with an Adsense account.

Once you set up an Adsense account you’ll need to start growing your channel’s subscriber total. Your channel must have at least 1,000 subscribers to qualify for ad revenue.

Your videos must have gathered 4,000 Watch Time hours over the past year, too. This step should be easy if you have plenty of content and the required subscribers.

Staying Monetized

Make sure that your channel follows Youtube’s guidelines and policies to remain monetized. Review YouTube’s Terms of Service and the Google Adsense policies thoroughly to avoid losing your privileges.

It’s also important to follow the Community Guidelines and Copyright rules for each of your video uploads. YouTube sometimes completely removes content that violates these guidelines. 

These policies apply to both current YouTube Partner Program members and those trying to apply for the first time. The policies also apply to creators who get bonuses from the YouTube Shorts Fund. 

YouTube also has a separate set of Advertiser-friendly content guidelines. If your content doesn’t follow the guidelines it won’t be eligible for ads.

YouTube reviewers regularly monitor monetized channels for proper conduct. They can demonetize, suspend, or even ban accounts that break the rules at any time.

Ready For The Benefits Of Adsense?

Now you know the basic Youtube Adsense requirements you must meet. You also know how to stay monetized and eligible for the Partner Program after qualifying. Remember to this guide and start benefiting from Youtube ads.

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