Youtube has started testing 8K content, find out who will see it

With the advancement of technology came rapid changes in the world of entertainment. Before, I had to go to that cinema hall to watch good quality content. But now it is possible to watch any video in high definition at home. Incidentally, the most 4K resolution video ever viewed on YouTube. But this time YouTube has started testing the content in 8K resolution. However, this content can not be seen on smartphones or laptops right now. It is being tested on a limited range on some Android TVs.

According to the report of Android Police, version 2.12.06 of YouTube app has support for 8K content. This will allow 8K content to be viewed on Android TVs. However, it is mandatory for him to have the latest operating system on Android TV. This means that the TV must run on Android 10 or above.

Google recently announced that it will now use artificial intelligence or machine learning algorithms to split chapters into videos. This will allow viewers to watch larger videos. Currently, creators can split chapters themselves when uploading videos to YouTube. Viewers can view these chapters after uploading.

However, Google has begun testing new AI machine learning algorithms for YouTube. This algorithm will automatically understand the text of the video and split it into chapters. If this test is successful, youtubers will no longer have to do this on their own. This experiment is currently running on a small number of videos. Creators may turn off this feature if they think this auto-chapter feature is affecting their video or if there is an incorrect chapter splitting.